Planes, Trains, and automobiles (plus other ways to get around): My transportation page


Buses in the Seattle/King County area

Metro Transit has most of the bus information in the County.  Sound Transit is a regional transportation agency but it appears as if they have little operational information at this time.

Bicycling resources

The Montlake Bicycle Shop.  The take care of my bicycle and they seem capable.  Their address is 2223 24th AVE E, Seattle, 329-7333.
There is the Cascade Bicycle Club, and

King County/Metro have a very good Bicycling Guide Map Page.

Government resources

 Sound Transit has a bicycle resources page.
King County has a page of Bicycle Maps of King County.





My San Francisco Transportation Web page

My sister, Judy Silverman, M.D., is one of the leading physicians in the state of California.  I sometimes go down to visit her, and as is my custom, I do the whole trip by public transportation.  See for information.
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