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In addition to software engineering and system administration, I also consult with various people and organizations.  My resume should give you a pretty good idea of what I can do.  My list of happy customers can give you an idea that I am pretty good working with computers.  My list of not-so-happy customers should give you an idea that I might not be a genius, but I am honest and hardworking.

My rates are:
Customer Class Rate
For profit companies and wealthy government agencies (e.g. IRS, DoD, Washington State Department of Transportation, etc.) $60.00/hour
Wealthy not-for-profit companies and poor government agencies (e.g. HUD, Dept. of Education, Washington State DSHS, Seattle Public Schools) $50.00/hour
Poor not-for-profit organizations and individuals $40.00/hour
Friends of mine, family, schools my children attend or attended, schools I attend or attended, not-profits that I am a member of.... Free
For a discussion on the differences between wealthy and poor non-profits, see below.

Some of my satisfied customers include

Some of my not-so-satisfied customers include Some of my endorsements and accomplishments include: Contact me by E-mail at or (206) 329-1094.


Wealth, poverty, and social justice

What is the difference between a poor not-for-profit and a wealth not-for-profit?  I notice that non-profits such as the ballet, the opera, the symphony, and the art museum cater to wealthy people and they are well funded, with big, nice buildings downtown.  Poor non-profits such as the food bank, the crisis line, the Chicken Soup brigade and various street clinics and homeless shelters tend to cater to poor, downtrodden people with shabby, small buildings in the poor sections of town.  Quite frankly, the commitment to social justice in this country is pretty shameful, and I want to do something about it.  Unfortunately, I am not a wealthy man, nor a powerful man, nor an eloquent man.  I have responsibilities to my family as well as a passion for tilting at windmills.  So this is a compromise, and it has tended to work well.
My father tells me that what he learned about medicine, he learned practicing at learning hospitals on poor people.  He was able to support and educate his family based on what he learned there.  He feels he owes the poor something.  Since I was able to go to school and learn based on what he learned, I feel that I have an obligation to help out the poor and the downtrodden, too.

The bottom line is that, if you are representing an impoverished non-profit agency and you need computer help, please ask me.  You won't get a nice Sun Ultra 60 with Solaris 2.7, or a DEC alpha, or an 8 CPU Xenon server running Windows/NT.  But you will get a low cost solution that will fit most of your needs.
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